Citrus, cassia & clove candle


Fragranced, long lasting luxury soy wax candle made with 100% essential oils. Vegan, palm free and paraffin free.

Self care property: mood boosting

Strength: will fill a large room with fragrance

A classic Christmas scented candle, made with lemon and orange, cassia (a variety of cinnamon), clove, frankincense and cedarwood.

Top notes: lemon, orange

Mid notes: clove, cassia

Bottom notes: frankincense, cedarwood

A little bit sweet, a little bit spicy this is a gorgeous warming and comforting fragrance for Christmas.  

Packaged in a festive gold jar to add a luxurious touch to your Christmas decor.

Each ~200g candle has a burn time of around 30-40 hours.  

See our FAQ for how to get the best out of your Balmy candle.

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