Balmy is a new lifestyle brand offering natural, beautiful home and body care products.  Our products are hand made in small batches in the East of England with conscious, considered natural ingredients that make you feel good inside and out.


Balmy is all about that feeling.  The feeling of complete calm.  The sun’s warmth enveloping you on a balmy summer evening.  The sound of the sea’s waves lapping the shore.  A G&T on the terrace in the sunshine. Getting lost in a new novel, a hot bath and your favourite candle.

Every detail of our products is designed to elicit total relaxation.  From our simple but beautiful packaging to the essential and fragrance oils we’ve chosen. 

All that’s left for you to do is to sit back and relax.  You’re welcome.

Our values

We always aim to:

  • make great self care products that feel good and do good for you and the planet
  • be open & transparent with you about the ingredients we use and why
  • treat you and our suppliers with warmth, kindness and respect

How we minimise our impact on the environment

Our products are:

  • paraffin free
  • plant-based
  • vegan/ cruelty-free
  • wrapped and delivered in minimal, reusable and recyclable packaging

Behind the brand

I'm Rebecca, owner of Balmy.  I'm a big fan of self care.  And also of our planet.  I don't want to have to make a choice between feeling good and doing good for the planet and I don't think you should have to either.  I created Balmy to offer beautiful products which smell amazing and only contain natural, considered ingredients.   I love a clean, contemporary aesthetic and all of our products are designed with neutral tones and minimal packaging.  I hope you love them as much as I do. 

Small business, big mission

We think small businesses are just great.  They're often the places where the most exciting ideas originate - and they tend to lead the way when it comes to ethical, eco-friendly business practices.  On our blog we've shared some links to some of our favourite small businesses - because we like to spread the love!  

As a small business ourselves, we would love for you to connect with us on our social accounts to share your Balmy self care experiences and help build awareness.  We really do appreciate it.  And you can keep up to date with all of our upcoming announcements and new product releases too.  Link to our social accounts using the icons at the bottom of the page.