Lavender, bergamot & cedarwood diffuser refill



Our bestselling lavender, bergamot & cedarwood reed diffuser is now available as a 150ml refill.

Self care property: aids sleep

Strength: medium - provides a noticeable scent in a larger room

How to use your diffuser refill

You can top up your BALMY diffuser when it's running low, or use our beautiful essential oil blend in your own containers at home.

Lavender, bergamot & cedarwood diffuser ingredients

This lavender, bergamot & cedarwood diffuser is made with essential oils and a sustainable soy base. Palm free, paraffin free and cruelty free. Comes in a fully recyclable glass bottle with 5 black rattan reeds. 

About the lavender, bergamot & cedarwood diffuser blend

Rich, woody and evocative this reed diffuser combines the naturally soothing and calming properties of lavender and bergamot with cedarwood which is known to help with sleep and reduce anxiety.

Our lavender oils are steam distilled from lavender flower heads and the spicy, fruity bergamot oil is cold pressed from the peel of the bergamot orange (an inedible citrus fruit whose oils are typically used to make Earl Grey tea).  Cedarwood oils are steam distilled from the wood of the cedar tree.

Each of our diffusers comes with a bundle of wooden reeds and should last for up to four months.  See our FAQ for how to get the best out of your Balmy reed diffuser.

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