Oud, spice & black spruce scented candle


Oud, spice & black spruce has an alluring and mysterious scent, with subtle sweet and smoky accents.  One of our most complex and intense fragrances, with an animalistic, resinous and sultry depth.

This fragrance is our first to be made of a blend of essential oils and oud, a synthetic fragrance.  Oud essential oils cannot be produced cost effectively from the source material (only a small proportion of agarwood trees can produce the resin that is used for the oud scent and the material is often referred to as liquid gold for the high value it commands). 

We have chosen our supplier and oud oil carefully to ensure that this synthetic fragrance is high quality and deserving of inclusion alongside the essential oils in this blend.  The effect is a high quality, natural smelling fragrance with all the wellness benefits from the other essential oils in the blend, but a more rounded and sophisticated fragrance benefiting from the inclusion of oud.

Made with sustainably sourced soy wax.  As with all our standard sized candles, this candle should last for around 30-40 hours with proper candle care.

Scent notes

Top: cardamom, black spruce

Mid: cinnamon leaf, rosewood

Base: oud, frankincense

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