Forest Bathing scented candle


Our Inspired by Nature fragrance collection is all about moments of stillness and calm, when experiencing the power and beauty of our natural environment

Forest Bathing is herbal, woody and earthy with hints of sweetness. 

Self care property: relaxation

Fragrance inspiration

Damp air follows rainfall.  Decaying foliage makes way for new growth.  Scents of freshly turned earth, fragrant pine and sticky sap.  Branches snapped underfoot, dappled light on the forest floor.

Scent notes

Top notes

Eucalyptus & cardamom

Mid notes

Cypress, sage, pine, lavender & rose geranium

Base notes


This 220g scented candle should last for up to 40 hours with proper candle care.  See our FAQs for tips on how to look after your BALMY candle.  Made with soy wax and 100% essential oils.

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