How to layer different fragrances in your home

Did you know that it’s possible to burn more than one scented candle at a time? It’s a pretty bougie and extravagant thing to do but we’re totally here for it.

Fragrance layering can add a completely new dynamic to your home.  You can create fragrances that are entirely bespoke to you.  It’s quite simple really, you just take two fragrances and use them in the same room.  This could be a candle and diffuser, two candles or two diffusers.  It could be a candle and your favourite bath salts or bath soak.  You can even blend three or more fragrances if that’s how you want to roll – but we suggest starting with two.  Here’s our guide to layering your fragrances like a pro for the ultimate in self care indulgence.

Tip 1: Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Really there are no hard and fast rules – be guided by your nose.  If two blends don’t go well together (perhaps if one dominates the other) then try something else next time

Tip 2: Choose simpler fragrances to combine  

Here's some maths...

Simple + Simple = Complex

Simple + Complex = Complex 

Complex + Complex = A Big Old Mess  

Some more complex fragrances are perfect just as they are.  Combining too many complex fragrances is overkill and they will just cancel each other out

Tip 3: Combine fragrances from different scent families  

There are four main scent families: floral, woody, fresh/ citrus and oriental. Try combining fragrances which are rooted in two different families – floral and woody, oriental and citrus for example.  This contrast will allow for a more enriching fragrance profile to be created.

Tip 4: Combine lighter fragrances with deeper, muskier ones

Fragrances are made up of top, middle and base notes.  See our earlier blog for more on what these are.  Fragrance layering works better if you combine one fragrance which has more top and middle notes with another fragrance which has more bottom notes

To get started, why not try some of these BALMY fragrance combinations:

Patchouli, black pepper & bay laurel diffuser (woody) AND clary sage & lemon candle (fresh)

Soothing bath salts (floral) AND lavender, bergamot & cedarwood candle (floral/ woody)

Muscle soak bath salts (fresh) AND nutmeg, pine needle, mandarin & ginger candle (oriental)

Ylang ylang & grapefruit candle (oriental) AND lavender, bergamot & cedarwood diffuser (floral/ woody)

Basil & peppermint candle (fresh) AND nutmeg, pine needle, mandarin & ginger candle (oriental)

Let us know how you get on – what is your favourite combination?

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