How to get the most out of your scented candle

Did you get a candle for Christmas?  Hopefully it was a BALMY one but don't worry if not - we won't hold it against you, and you can read on!

BALMY luxury scented candle - nutmeg and pine needle essential oil blend in soy wax.  In green frosted glass with BALMY branding, on book on top of a rustic looking stool

We've got some helpful candle care tips to help you enjoy your gift well after the memory of Christmas has long faded.  If you burn your luxury scented candle right, it should last for days, even weeks (BALMY candles have a burn time of 30-40 hours).

Our top candle care tips:

1) Buy a quality candle 

Cheap and cheerful candles have a role, but mainly for interior decor purposes.  They are less likely to have a strong throw if they are made with cheap materials, and they are unlikely to be sustainably made

2) Choose an opportune time 

Always allow the melt pool (the melted area) to reach the edges of your candle container. This might take 2-3 hours.  If you blow the candle out before this happens, then the candle will tunnel on all subsequent burns.  This is really annoying as you get unused wax on the edges which is a waste of money.  So choose your candle time auspiciously! 

If you do have to blow your candle out before the melt pool has reached the edges - don't worry.  Next time you use your candle, put a little foil lid on top of your candle, make a hole around the wick and light the candle.  The foil will help insulate the container allowing the heat to reach the edges more quickly.  When the candle has levelled out you can remove the foil lid and carry on as normal.  

3) Trim your wick!

You should trim your wick before each use.  This helps the candle to burn efficiently and evenly (so it doesn't use up the wax too quickly, or too much on one side), and reduces the amount of black smoke and soot build up on your container.  We suggest trimming your wick to 1/4" (1/2 cm) before each use.  If you don't have a wick trimmer a pair of nail clippers works wonders as you can get right into the bottom of the glass when your candle is nearly finished.

4) Put your candle in the right place

A good candle (like one of ours!) should fill a large room with fragrance.  If you place it near an open window however you may find that some of the fragrance is lost to the outside.  Air movement may also cause the flame to flicker and you will get more black soot.  So place your candle away from open windows and doors and allow that lovely fragrance to fill your home!

5) Extinguish the candle carefully

When you're finished burning your candle, be careful if you blow it out not to spill hot wax on surrounding surfaces/ clothing etc.  Candle wick snuffers help prevent this but are an unnecessary luxury.  Just blow with care!

6) Don't move your candle until the wax has cooled

Or you'll end up with a slope-y candle and no one wants that!

7) Keep your candle covered...

...until the next time you use it.  Keeping it covered will help the candle maintain its strong throw and stop it from getting dusty.  Use the lid the candle came with (such as our cork ones, or a paper candle cover), or a coaster will do.

If you have any other handy candle care hints and tips please comment below!

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I agree that it is important to buy candles that are of good quality and aren’t made from cheap materials. My older sister loves scented candles, and her birthday is coming up in a few weeks. I’ll have to look for high-quality candles from a reputable supplier that I can get my sister as a gift.

Charlotte Fleet July 11, 2022

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