Finding the right scent for you

Smell is as subjective as our favourite colours, our music taste and our food preferences.  It can be affected by the temperature, our mood and as some of us have found out in our experiences with having Covid, our health.

Given this entirely personal experience when it comes to smell, it can be incredibly difficult to know what fragrances to choose.  Particularly when faced with an almost unlimited variety of options, and buying from online brands like BALMY, having to make choices based on product descriptions and pictures rather than relying on the very real and immediate reaction of your nose.

So, what better way to determine what scent to buy, than by doing a 1990s teen magazine style quiz to find out your perfect BALMY scent?



If this doesn't quite do it for you, feel free to get in touch at and I'll send you a wax melt or tealight sample for free to help you decide!

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